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Once · upon · a · time...

We're all mad here.

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Great days in abundance.
I am so blessed.
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Went out last night; on my way to dancing passed an interesting gaggle of gay men, caught this convo:
Gay 1: "What do you think of this one coming up?"
(long pause as I saunter past them)
Gay 2: "So 50s, so 60s, so 70s... so... French. I like it."
did not hear any responses from the rest of the group, can only assume they were all nodding in agreement
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Too many people dying too young.
Alexander McQueen, fashion designer, was just found dead at age 40.
While not one of my favorite designers, the man certainly had balls.

Also, this snow leopard sphinx cave was crafted in the McCarren park by my house during our wicked blizzard yesterday.
I love my neighborhood.

The snow was so beautiful.
I'll have to upload all my shots later and show you the winter wonderland I was living in.
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WTF is with this article?
P.S. - Post up and coming about my Sunday and my job. z. JOBS.*
You see, well, I'm feeling lucky oh well, maybe that's just me
Well you'd be(so)proud of me oh well, if you could only see
How we're gonna grow on up to be,
Ah yes we are thick as thieves

Sing about that oh love it's a brittle madness, I sing about it in all my sadness
It's not falsified to say that I found God so
Inevitably, well it still exists so pale and fine I can't dismiss
And I won't resist and if I die well at least I tried

And we just lay awake in lust and rust in the rain
And pore over everything we say we trust
Well it happened again, I listened in through hallways and thin doors
Where the rivers unwind and the rust and the rain endure
The rust and the rain endure, I'm sure.

Because I'm insofar to know the measure of love ain't lost, love will never, ever be-
Insofar to know, the measure of love ain't lost, love will never, ever be-
Insofar to know, the measure of love ain't lost, love will never, ever be lost on me

Oh not tonight, said love will never ever be lost on me.
(Love will...) never ever be lost on me
(Love) will not be
Love will never be lost on me

I so wish there was a better live recording. Désolée?
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you come into work at 6am and your coworkers are having a dance-off to the GLEE soundtrack
then you realize!
your manager has filled your coffee mug with a mimosa!!!
I love my job.
Pretty much every day I look like this on the subway and most times down the street also:

Get your groove on.
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It has been brought to my attention that I might sound like the hugest tool alive in the last blurb I posted which was not at all my intention.
I only meant to encourage everyone to reflect on the question posted and hoped for a resounding, "Yes!" from all.
In order to scale it back, I'll just post these:


Do you think this guy is on drugs or just an idiot?

When I went to the MGMT concert over the summer, Sara (wine shop folk) and I needed a babysitter since we were in such a public place but in truth, Kristina was way more suspect than we were and even though she had not eaten the same things we had, she was clearly in a similar headspace. Anyway, Kristina had the PERFECT dance moves to Electric Feel and Sara and I have been passing them on since. Come have a dance party with us and we'll impart Kristina's brilliant choreography on you. You'll be glad you did. The moves are pretty bangin.
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I love myself.
I love my life.
Can you say the same?
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